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  • Unfolding into Source

    At Alchemy Key, we believe the path to our true nature leads us into a divine relationship with the source of our existence. This path aligns and harmonises us, granting greater inner peace and a life of conscious purpose. Here at Alchemy Key we are here to provide you with tools and processes to support you on this transformative journey.

  • The Way

    We bring you services and products designed to keep you walking closer to natures way. In all that Alchemy Key share, we ask, will this help someone to peel away the energetic, emotional and mental layers that keep them out of sync with the rhythm of life? If the answer is yes and lies within our capabilities, we add it to our offerings. We are here to support you in the best possible way.

  • Clarity brings insight

    Our ethos is to bring you greater clarity in your life. With clarity comes clear direction, with clear direction resistance falls away bringing you closer to where you really want to be. Our crystals are ethically mined and small family communities are supported through your purchases. With this in mind, we know the energy of our crystals have a purer frequency with less damage to their vibrational structures, helping you further in the clarity they can offer along your life path.

Crystals to heal the heart

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See who you are...

Experience the inner contentment that comes with seeing more of yourself as you unfold.

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