Space Clearing

Our Space Clearing service offers an energetic clearing of your home or office space removing, transmuting or transforming energies that have become stagnant and or disruptive to a peaceful & harmonious environment.

Reasons for wanting your space cleared:

  • Geopathic stress
  • Negative Energies
  • Past Owner Energies
  • Restless Energies

Reasons for wanting your space cleared:

  • New Home move
  • Recent Divorce
  • Argument energies
  • Long term Illness
  • Site has depressive or draining energies


A service where we dowse for energies that may be causing you and your family or colleagues discomfort. We do this remotely from our premises.

Want to check if a new home is the right one for you.

– EMF check
– Geopathic Stress Check

Price: From £50


A full house check on EMF’s, Geopathic stress, local history search, negative energies & entities, water quality, phone masts, air pollution, substation energies , bio well test on you and or family or colleagues. It also includes Space Clearing & guidance for space correction, to create balance and harmony for both the space and its occupiers.

Price: From £1500


Kinesiology is a muscle testing therapy whereby your body tells the practitioner what ‘it’ needs rather than what you think you need. This non invasive powerful and enlightening process help us to reveal deeper root causes to our ailments and negative states in life, by tapping into a deeper conscious level beyond what we currently understand. It’s great for allergies & stuck traumas you know are there but can’t bring them to the surface in order for them to heal.

Price: From £90


This a hugely beneficial service aimed at those who wish to create an environment that supports them & their family’s wellbeing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, providing the protection, clearing & healing of spaces. This is done via a physical & energetic appraisal of a home or office and governed by what we find. Specific crystals are then selected to be placed in specific areas that require them, to create balance, clarity & harmony.

Price: From £100